Life Focus - All Youth


For All Youth (7th - 12th Grade)   Joyce Marquette  

Come!  Call your friends and bring them, too!  This will surely be a class that will call you back from week to week.  Why?  Because God has much for you to learn and these two will be prepared to share knowledge with you that can be life changing if you will let it be!

You can find this class by entering either side door of our Sunday School building and taking the short flight of stairs up to the 2nd floor. 


Youth Curriculum:  The Gospel Project

The Gospel Project makes sure that people know the whole story. The Bible is not just full of stories pointing to good moral character or a book full of rules and regulations that we must follow.  The Gospel Project's goal is to teach people that the entire Bible points to our need for a savior.  Our need for Jesus Christ.  But that is not all we need.  We need to realize the most important job a Christian has is to become a disciple of Jesus.  We are to share what we know!  We must share Jesus with a lost and dying world.